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Date: August 19 2017 Subject: Mr Nice Guy
For those that have found me on Booksie, y'all have already read this.. But with how things have went for it and it being one of my more popular releases I decided to shuffle it on over to Smashwords for them to enjoy it and it to get distribution.
So today Mr Nice Guy
was added into my list at Smashwords, I'm sure within 3 days it'll get shipped for distribution
Date: August 6 2017 Subject: Digital Rainfall
I released a new album called Digital Rainfall, be sure to go give it a listen
Date: June 14 2017 Subject: Online
It's kinda funny, I spent out a bunch of money to buy a webpage program to make my life easier. However after trying the site for a while I noticed that the site I created wasn't really getting any hits/views. But with running multiple sites I decided to transform one back to an old site I created with a different program and after a few days it started to get views. So I decided to slowly move all my sites back to ones I created.

For those who haven't caught up, I have recently decided to venture out from the world of Smashwords to find some other place to post my writing and I found that in Booksie.

As for my music I have dedicated it to NoiseTrade and will keep my music there until they close down