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Kennie Kayoz
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May 16th - Nothing Could Have Saved Me
nothing could have saved me
April 27th - SexKEN and Long Road To Nowhere
long road to nowheresexken
April 3rd - Beats By Kennie Volume 3
beats by kennie volume 3
Released a new album, go and listen to it
April 2nd - Two Faced
two faced
Two faced has now been released to the public, should be hitting the distributors within 4-5 days. If you want to read it earlier before it gets out click on the cover.
March 24th - Sun Doesn't Rise
sun doesn't rise
It's official it's now released, although it might not be getting "new release" treatment on sites it's mainly because I'm trying to take over spots of old releases that I pulled for one reason or another, yes I'm a little different that way and everyone would want everything to have new release treatment but honestly it doesn't matter to me
March 19th - Cleaning Up

Was making some what I feel is some necessisary changes to Coyotes Publishing, and not just cleaning up some code and getting a new navigational structure online, but I also have removed some of our history. I know many say "it's history and you can't erase history" I'm not saying this stuff didn't happen but what I am saying is it did but I don't want to think about it anymore because it's a different time now
March 5th - Dark Haiku Sex Life
Dark Haiku Sex Life
It's now officialy released click the cover to go read
March 5th - Dark Haiku Sex Life
Dark Haiku Sex Life
This is the cover for the next release "Dark Haiku Sex Life"
No release date is given but upon this post three out of four subjects have been covered and we're just working on the final.
March 4th - Growth
The release known as Growth has just hit distribution and should be landing at your favorite ebook retailers soon.