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Date: December 4 2017 Subject: 3 New Releases
diaries from the field i stand before you kingnot your average christmastherapy 2017
Date: November 24 2017 Subject: Nobody Needs Me
Dropped a new release today Nobody Needs Me
Date: August 6 2017 Subject: Digital Rainfall
I released a new album called Digital Rainfall, be sure to go give it a listen
Date: June 14 2017 Subject: Online
It's kinda funny, I spent out a bunch of money to buy a webpage program to make my life easier. However after trying the site for a while I noticed that the site I created wasn't really getting any hits/views. But with running multiple sites I decided to transform one back to an old site I created with a different program and after a few days it started to get views. So I decided to slowly move all my sites back to ones I created.

For those who haven't caught up, I have recently decided to venture out from the world of Smashwords to find some other place to post my writing and I found that in Booksie.

As for my music I have dedicated it to NoiseTrade and will keep my music there until they close down