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August 8th 2016
I haven't written for a bit cause I've been feeling rather depressed. I know I normally write bout everything that's going on in my life however I've just been job hunting as of late and nothing has been going well, I got interviews but that's basically where things end is after the interview I don't hear back from anyone.

That and a few things that are no doubt "medical related" have been popping up so I'm kinda sitting around trying to figure out ways of dealing with them since I don't have a doctor, I've been told for the last several years that I should get one and if I knew things would take this long then I may have actually done so.

Basically I'm sitting around depressed and annoyed, I haven't worked on anything nor touched either site that I do.. But it's not like anyone views this site anyways..

I've also been watching the olympics as of late but that more so involves me sitting on the couch and falling asleep since I don't seem to be sleeping that great during the night so my body tends to sleep during any point that it sees fit.

That's what I've been up to if anyone cares

July 17th 2016
Basically ever since the start of Coyotes Publishing I have done my own website work, for a little bit I ventured off to a blog platform but I ultimately came back. I keep doing research about the whole website thing and how to create a good site and many sites say "make it mobile friendly" I gotta say for as basic looking as my site is that mobile friendly thing just isn't happening. I may get people angry with me and tell me off for not having a mobile friendly site but I'm just one man. I can't do the mobile friendly site its just way too much work for me to accomplish.
I know many people would like to gloat and say "I have a mobile friendly site" but truthfully most people use something like wordpress or some CMS crap so that it's not really them doing the work behind the scenes as it's generally automatically done. But I found that wordpress and CMS crap isn't for me, I decided to do everything myself.

So I am aware that the site may not be friendly on small screens, for that I apologize but I am one man doing everything and while it maybe easy to jump to wordpress or something like that I personally won't do it anymore. I find no matter what, my site does the exact same crap in terms of the views it gets so I would rather leave my site as you see it and work on things and see what the future brings you... The future may bring a responsive web design from me but right now I'm still learning as I go so you'll just have to take it as I give it to you.
Fuck who knows my next version of the site maybe done with templates so it might be just that, it might be mobile friendly, but this shit is all a learning process for me to deal with it.

July 5th 2016
I decided to do my own blog rather than have it hosted on a 3rd party site.
I've had the idea of taking a video game character like from South Park's Stick Of Truth and doing kinda like "background" stories as I end up going through the game I finally took the chance recently today I just dropped chapter four. It was planned for sooner but due to having no internet while we were away that basically screwed me over because I certainly wanted to start it sooner and have more done.

I have a few more ideas planned for short stories not to mention that I have a bunch of random poetry releases as well.

I keep fixing up my own site trying to do more and more. I have a few ideas I've been debating about bringing it to the site so far it hasn't seen the time of day like hosting my own video content and doing more video content.
but right now the only way I can do so will cost me money but I'm looking for a cheaper way.

I've been playing video games a ton lately as I haven't been giving you every step by step of the South Park game since if what you read in my current series does interest you then I want you to check the game out and see more than what I say as I've been kinda giving a bit more behind the scenes stuff more than anything.

Who knows what will be next for me for a release.