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The Past:

The man whose known for writing romantic poetry, although he isn't too known for showing his full face without hiding it some how. While growing up he discovered he had a gift, his gift was writing poetry some of the most romantic poetry known to mankind. Although through his early years of writing his fan base came and quickly as it left, as the man behind the poetry felt as if the reason why the fans and the ladies who loved the poetry left was his disfiguring looks. So he decided to start new, he gave himself the name "Mr. Love Zone" as he could always tune out the world when he wrote. He also decided to cover his face up, only showing around his eyes to hopefully keep any female fans.

Since while he was growing up he knew he had the talent to write but he didn't have the face to put behind it as he always had the face that would send women running in the other direction. So with a new name and with hiding his disfiguring looks he has decided to start out on a quest of new.
So from the start of his fresh new name he's chosen not to reveal his face as he knows that deep down his disfiguring looks could be the difference between him getting known and him being left behind.

On July 19th 2012, Mr. Love Zone decided to walk away from writing.

The Present:

After walking away from writing Mr. Love Zone continued to write, although it only appeared direct on his blog and selected websites.
On August 14th 2012 he released "Heart So Cold" Which not only showed his usual romantic/erotic side but it showed a new side that no one has ever seen in his writing before.

On August 28th 2012 he debuted his new look quietly all over the web on most sites that support his stuff.
His new look consists of a mask with roses and skulls on it, the roses symbolize the romantic/softer side of him, while the skulls showcase the harder edgier side of him.
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